Private Car Comprehensive


Our Private Car Comprehensive Takaful provides a comprehensive cover for your car that you can count on. We offer the minimum rate of 2.25% net of participant estimated value for all your car Takaful needs!

I. Loss in case of damage to vehicle by:

a ) Accidental external means
b ) Fire, external explosion, self-ignition, lightning and frost
c ) Burglary, housebreaking and theft
d ) Malicious act
e ) Riot and strike damage
 f ) Flood, hail, wind, hurricane, cyclone, tornado and typhoon damages
g ) Earthquake, volcanic eruption or other convulsion of nature
h ) Risk while in transit by air, road, rail, inland waterway, lift or elevator
 i ) Transport of motor car to nearest workshop in case it breaks down (Subject to Rs 500 limit)
 j ) In the event of motor car being disabled by reason of loss or damage:

  • the reasonable cost of protection and removal to the nearest repairer should not exceed Rs.500
  • The company should be provided a detailed estimate of the costs incurred


II. Third Party Liability on the Participant in case of:

a) Death or bodily injury to a third party (except for the person employed by the Participant)
b) Damage to property of a third party (except for the property held in trust or custody by the Participant of a third party)
c) Indemnity to any person driving any on Participant order/permission given that he is not entitled to indemnity under any other Participant Membership Document
d) Indemnity to the Participant even when he is driving a vehicle not belonging to him and not hired by him under a hire purchase agreement
e) In case of death of a third party, the company will indemnify the deceased’s personal representatives in the terms of and subject to the limitations of the Participant Membership Document

III. Medical expenses to the Participant:

a) The company will pay to the Participant medical expenses not exceeding Rs. 350 in case of an accidental bodily injury

  • An immediate notice to the company to be issued in case of a claim arising
  • In case of theft of the participant vehicle, an immediate notice to the police is mandatory
  • In case the participant loses his original excise duty and taxation papers, he should immediately inform the company within 48 hours
  • Cancellation of Participant Membership Document by the company or the participant on a 7 days’ notice with return of contribution on pro rata basis

key terms:

Net Contribution :                      2.25% on I.E.V.
Vehicle Age :                         Up to 5 years
Maximum Sum Covered :    5 Million
Vehicle Type:                         Private

Add-Ons:Amount (PKR)
Personal Accident to Paid Driver 500 /-
Personal Accident to Passengers (4 passengers excluding driver) 900 /-