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  • How we help you with it all


    We make it affordable with our Takaful products that don’t dig deep into your pocket.

  • How we help you with it all


    Our intuitive processes give you a highly customized takaful plan that fits your needs.

  • How we help you with it all


    Get covered anywhere, any time of the day,
    any day of the week!

  • How we help you with it all


    By offering innovative and technology friendly takaful solutions, we believe we can protect and create a better future for our customers.

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The highest IFS rated General Insurance Company of

  • AA+

  • AA+

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  • “Getting Takaful before our trip was the best decision
    I ever made.”

    - Fatima Hanif -

  • “JGI HomeCare Takaful assures me protection and
    peace of mind.”

    - Atif Shah -

  • “Personal Accidents are a reality and so I made the decision and chose to stay safe.”

    - Uzair Ahmed -

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Jubilee General Insurance Company Limited- Window Takaful Operations

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UAN: ( 9221) 111-654-111, tel: ( 9221) 32402004-09

Fax: (9221) 32416728 / 32438738

Toll Free: 0800-03786

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